Solutions for the Underaffiliated

Solutions for the Underaffiliated is a podcast for people who want hope and action because they are fed up with finger-pointing and incivility. We represent action, by providing examples of it. Its purpose is to inspire people through the examples our guests from the region, state, and country describe. We talk about potential solutions related to: climate change, economic opportunity, education, rights and justice, healthcare, and public safety. During each episode, we lay out the current state of a particular issue from the perspective of our guest. Then we lay out the challenges, usually through a review of the key stakeholder, e.g. government, industry, the media, special interests, and regular Americans. We identify what needs to change. Then we explore solutions that are either already underway by the group or guest as well as actions our audience could take to influence change and hold people accountable.

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2 days ago

Social media misinformation will keep us pointing fingers and stuck in screaming matches that go nowhere. Want to change that?
National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration reports are so good that stock options traders make millions using them, but our government and many Americans don't believe or discredit them. Science is real and people make money from it.
RepresentUs has Jennifer Lawrence on board and claims to be beating political corruption.  You be the judge.
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Sunday May 19, 2024

Mainstream and social media is out to make you crave what you don't have -- both material wealth and self-esteem -- take back your soul.

Sunday May 19, 2024

What does the declining affiliation with religion -- especially among Gen Z -- and increase in the practice of spirituality mean for politics?
Legalizing psychedelic mushrooms will probably follow marijuana's path. Here's what that might look like.
DEI has flaws, but how it works today delivers positive results.
Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

Saturday May 18, 2024

The good reasons white women reject vaccines for their kids and why we sould stop blaming them for their choices.
AI shapes music tastes ... is that helpful?
Manifesting our preferred destinies is a large part of spirituality that has a dark side you should know about.
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Saturday May 18, 2024

What you need to know to fix healthcare. It's a mess, but learn how and why it won't change unless we do.
Doubt is good. Skepticism is good. But there is a way to do it that moves mountains and a way it sinks ships ... and nations. Listen and learn to pick the right kind.
I have a lot of negative thoughts throughout the day, every day about people I know and have never met; about situations I am in and never will be in; about policies and procedures that affect me and don't. I learned how to change my mind and feel better.

Monday May 06, 2024

Tik Tok's battle with a United Music Group: Give artists a chance
The road to legalizing psychedelics: Long, but the door is open
White Rural Americans and Democracy: Traditional values we can learn from until they want violence

Monday Apr 29, 2024

Short clips with a few insights to provide positivity and hope for a better humanity. Discuss.
You know more people dealing with toxic stress. Maybe you're one of them.
Is sleeping with your pet good for you? Do you care?
It's better to have hope than optimism. Bring the will to change things.

Monday Mar 25, 2024

The show for people who want positivity, hope, and examples of improving the overall health of humanity.
Three topics:
How to change your habits
Getting along when we reject common ground ... and embrace those who divide us.
Different races use the health system in different ways. We all drive up our own premiums, deductibles and co-pays.

Monday Jan 15, 2024

Check out a spirited conversation about the sad truths preventing King's dream from becoming reality, men's self-imposed "provider" anxiety, and why gentle parenting is not a snowflake factory.

Saturday Jan 13, 2024

Check out 4 shorts about:
How to take on social and economic injustice
Why we struggle to fix our own mental health, but how we can try.
The impact of generational differences and how to rethink cross-generational relationships
Little things to cope with anxiety and stress


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